Southern New England Chapter of PMI

PMI Increases Membership Fees

PMI Increases Membership Fees

PMI Global Headquarters has announced an increase in PMI Membership Fees for USA based members.

Please note that the SNEC Chapter membership fees are not changing, and remain at $25/year.

Here are some FAQS from the recent announcement:

What prices are changing for professionals in the United States?
In the U.S., the fee for PMI Individual Membership will increase by US$10 and will now be US$139, plus a one-time US$10 application fee for first-time members. Renewal fees will also now be US$139.

This change will go into effect on 3 January 2023, except for current members in Auto-Renewal, whose increase will take effect on 1 March 2023.

In addition, the non-member PMP exam fee will increase by US$20 and will now be US$575 on 3 January 2023. This price increase will not affect the PMP certification renewal fee. Increasing the U.S. non-member PMP exam fee further incentivizes candidates to purchase PMI Individual Membership.

Why did prices in the U.S. increase?
In the U.S., the annual fee for Individual Membership has increased by US$10. This is the first time we have raised our prices since 2011, and over the last 10+ years, we have added numerous member benefits to ensure the most value.

I am in the U.S. and can no longer afford my membership. What should I do?
In these current economic times, we recognize that some of our members will find themselves in changed financial circumstances. To learn more about PMI’s hardship provision available to qualifying members, click here.

I saw PMI implemented location-based pricing to make opportunities to build skills more equitable, but now I must pay more for the same services. How is this fair to me?
Like many global organizations, PMI proactively assessed barriers to entry for our community members around the world. We used global economic data from the World Bank to determine pricing based on location.