Southern New England Chapter of PMI

Dr. Jerry Brightman Seminar Details


2008 SNEC-PMI Seminar at Sea on Leadership and Emotional Intelligence


Leadership success is derived by understanding and applying a wide range of emotional intelligence skills and methodologies. Conversely, the lack of these skills can lead to career derailment. Therefore, a five-hour seminar on “Leadership and Emotional Intelligence” is certainly a highly worthwhile venture for SNEC to provide its membership.

In my own work with PMI’s Leadership Institute (LI), I have been able to improve the emotional intelligence of my participants through one on one coaching and feedback derived from CCL’s Benchmarks® 360-degree instrument. What I have learned from this work with more than one hundred alumni will be a key focus of the work we will do together.

My former colleagues at the Center for Creative Leadership have found that higher levels of emotional intelligence are associated with better performance in the following areas:

  1. Participative Management
  2. Putting People at Ease
  3. Self-Awareness
  4. Balance Between Personal Life and Work
  5. Straightforwardness and Composure
  6. Building and Mending Relationships
  7. Doing Whatever it Takes
  8. Decisiveness
  9. Confronting Problem Employees
  10. Change Management

These ten areas will be the focus of our work in the “Leadership and Emotional Intelligence” seminar I am now preparing.

To accommodate a wide range of learning styles I will plan to have a number of activities that will be highly interactive and learningful. There will be large group activities, small group activities, one-on-one work and self-reflective time. I am currently working on a full five-hour program and this will be available within the next month or so.