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Seminar @ Sea 2008 Overview & FAQs (updated July 7th)

SNEC Presents

Seminar @ Sea

Come cruise with us, network with colleagues from SNEC and other PMI chapters, attend informative seminars, earn PDU credits, see beautiful scenery, relax and enjoy four glorious days of sailing with 24-hour dining and non-stop entertainment aboard the beautiful Carnival Victory.  Invite your family and friends to join us and get ready for a wonderful adventure with SNEC-PMI’s Seminar @ Sea.  All this for less than the cost of most seminars on land!

Description:         Four day Ocean Cruise.

                             Earn 10 PDU’s in two one day seminars conducted while at sea

                             Plus Optional 1 PDU on practical interviewing


                            Sailing from NY City to St. John, New Brunswick Canada

Scroll down for the video!

Costs are dependent upon Carnival availability

(prices below are for reservations prior to June 13, 2008):

Cruise p/p


Total Cost (*)

Type of Cabin

   $   455

  $  250


Inside Cabin

   $   525

  $  250


Ocean View

   $   605

  $  250




  $  250




  $  250


Penthouse Suite


(* Price includes all fees & taxes.  Total cost based on two persons sharing a cabin. One person attending the seminar and one traveling as a companion)  There is a $20 per cabin Fuel Surcharge.

Please see the registration form (Link at bottom) for 3rd & 4th Person in a Cabin prices.

Agenda:      August 14, 2008 (Thursday) - Sail - Welcome Aboard Cocktail Party

                   August 15, 2008 (Friday)      - Day at Sea - Seminar (5 Hours)

                   August 16, 2008 (Saturday) - In New Brunswick - Attendees On Their Own     

                   August 17, 2008 (Sunday)    - Day at Sea - Seminar (5 Hours)

                   August 18, 2008 (Monday)   - Back at Home

Video highlights of the Carnival Victory St. John Cruise are available below. Click on the ">" play button to view some of the sights on-board and in St. John that the 2008 Seminar at Sea participants will enjoy. Registration is now open - get a copy of the registration form here.


PMI St. John

will host a special tour of

the largest oil refinery in Canada on Saturday. 

The cost is $35 per person and includes 2 optional PDUs, bus and

meet and greet refreshments after the tour.

Click Here to learn more about the refinery.


4 of the 19 St. John Excursions Available
(at additional cost)

Shore Excursion



A Whale of a Time

Become a marine biologist for a day when you join museum educators for this indoor Bay of Fundy adventure

2 Hours


Bicycle Tour of Covered Bridges

New Brunswick's scenic beauty, quiet roads and unhurried pace of life all contribute to a biking

experience you will never forget

5.5 Hours

Coastal Kayak & Lobster Bake


There is no better way to experience the Saint John

River, known as the Rhine of North America, than by paddling a kayak

4.5 Hours


Flowers, Farms & New Brunswick


The charm of rural New Brunswick's friendly people, wonderful experiences, and beautiful scenery are yours to experience

yours to experience.


5.5 Hours






Some FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions):


Is the cost of the cruise a good deal?

A typical 2 day training class for 14 PDUs in NYC would cost about $2035 for 1 person.  This cruise provides a minimum of 10 PDUs for $825 per person.  For $455 more you can bring a family member including food. Total Cruise for 2 with 10 PDUs for 1 is $1280 with parking.  On a per PDU basis (2035/14)=$145/PDU versus the Seminar at Sea cost of ((455+250+120 for Parking)/10)=$82.50/PDU or 57% less per PDU. And the Seminar at Sea includes entertainment every evening. Is it a good deal? ABSOLUTELY!


Can I go by myself?

Yes.  Note that a single on a cabin has a higher cost as the cruise line bases their prices on two persons in a cabin.


Can I bring my family?


Yes.  The cruise line provides reduced cost for a third and fourth person in the same cabin.


What does “Four Day Cruise” mean?


You board the ship on Thursday sometime after noon.  The ship sails around 5:00pm.  Upon boarding you can begin to use the ship facilities that are open and can eat as the ship will be serving lunch.  This is your first day.  The second day is a sea day, meaning the ship is traveling to the destination.  The third day you spend at the destination.  The fourth day the ship travels back to NY.  The fifth day the ship docks in NY, you are served breakfast and you leave the ship by 8:00am.


What about Children?


Bring them with you.  The cruise line's Camp Carnival program offers activities for children two and older at no additional cost during the day.  Babysitting services, at a cost, is available for smaller children and in the evenings.

Children must be 4 months old to sail. All passengers pay regardless of age, the third & fourth in a cabin do not pay full fare (see the rate page for reduced rates.)

Are there additional costs?


Yes, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks are not included in the price of the cruise. Also extra are land tours in St. John and SPA services.


Will I have any free time?


We want this to be a fun experience so we are planning on the seminars running from 8:00am to 1:00pm.  This will give you the afternoons and evenings on the sea days to enjoy the activities on the ship.    You’ll also have all day free on St. John.


Do I have to pay it all at once?


No, for cabins other than the suite there is a $200 deposit upon booking, $200 in February of 2008 and the balance in May of 2008.  Suites require slightly higher deposits. Deposits are per person in each cabin.  The $250 Seminar fee is part of the last payment and will be refunded less a 6% handling fee after the last deposit is due if the cruise is you cancel your reservation.  You may pay by check (no fee if you cancel) or by Credit Card.


Where can I get more information about the ship and excursions?


Click this link:  Carnival Victory 4 Days NYC to St. John Lv Thursday




Registration is Still open!

document Click here to get the registration form



Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with a subject line of "Seminar at Sea"

Please include your name and phone number in the email.


FAQs Continued below

How can I reserve a cabin?

Contact our travel agent Sherry at Houston Travel Zone for reserving cabins at (281) 326-8050. See the cabin locations here: http://www.carnival.com/Deck_Plan.aspx?shipCode=VI

Can I pay by Credit Card?  

The easiest way to pay by credit card is to download the registration form and include your credit card information in the appropriate space and either fax or use regular mail and send to Houston Travel Zone.  Another alternative is to call Houston Travel with your credit card information. 


The last and most complex alternative is to pay by credit card on-line.  You must first set-up a paypal account.  Information is on the Houston TravelZone Website: http://www.houstontravelzone.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1182302723 You will need to register for the site before you are granted access.  You will also be provided with a password via email. So register first then wait for the email it usually takes about 5 minutes for the


Can I pay by Check or Money Order? YES

Include your check or money order with your registration form and mail it to Houston Travel.

If you buy the insurance or think you may have to cancel your reservation at a later date You can avoid the 4% cancellation fee (not covered by insurance) by paying by Check or money order.


When is the Seminar Fee paid?

The Seminar fee (50) is collected with the last deposit payment.  This means for an inside cabin your last payment will be the remainder of the cabin cost plus 50 per person attending the seminar. (one person per cabin must attend the seminar)


Cabin Reservations are limited:

The chapter has returned all un-reserved Cabins to Carnival and will only be available at the posted Carnival cost, not at our discounted rate.


DATTCO 36 Passenger Bus available:

Residents of Connecticut that live near I-91 are now able to reserve a seat on a 36 passenger luxury coach. 

Go to Acteva Seminar at Sea Bus Reservation Cost is $55 per person


Directions to the Dock: Car pooling is encouraged!

From Connecticut or points North - Take the Merritt Parkway to the cross Westchester to the end. Go south towards New York City at the end of the cross Westchester onto the Saw mill Parkway. This becomes the Henry Hudson parkway. There is a toll of .50 (as of 2007) to get into Manhattan.  You will go past the George Washington Bridge and continue south onto the West Side Highway. The Docks are between 88th and 92nd Street. The exit is clearly marked as Ship terminal. Go up the ramp and drop your bags for the Carnival Victory with the porter. (We usually tip /bag)  Keep your carry on bag with you. You can also drop off your family or friends at this spot to wait for you to park your car. From my house in Bethany it took 90 minutes to get to the terminal.  You should plan on arriving about Noon as this should minimize the time spent in lines at registration.

Parking at the Dock:

Parking cost for a 5 day cruise was 20  (in 2007) (Visa or Mastercard Only). For our 4 day cruise it should be somewhat less. It does not matter what size or type vehicle you park (vans, SUVs, Sedans) are all the same price. Parking is on the outside on the roof of the terminal.  You may be asked to park at a terminal different than the one our ship leaves from. This is because they already know which dock it will return to and that makes it easy to get to your car after the cruise.


How much do I pay for tip/gratuities?

Tips for the room steward and the dining room waiters are automatically added to your cabin bill the first day.  They are on a 0 per person per day. For example for two people expect tips to be added for the 4 day cruise of approximately $80.  Bar bills and most other on-board purchases have an automatic 15% added to the bill. You have to sign for each purchase and present your room key. These charges will appear on your cabin statement which is delivered to your cabin on Sunday evening.

Are Passports required? YES!

Homeland Security requires a Passport when we return to the US. If you don't have a passport apply now. It can take as long as 4 months if you want to avoid paying expedite fees.   

Can we share cabins?

People can share cabins. (almost all cabins have single beds that are pushed together, if requested for couples).  Each person attending the Seminar must pay the 50 fee. Only one person per cabin must pay the seminar fee, if travelling with family or friends not attending the seminar.


Can we have a triple cabin and if one can't make it switch to a double?

Yes.  You will need to pay the initial deposit for all three ($600). However, that amount can be applied to a double, if the third person can't make it by the February deposit date.  Just put TBD on the registration form for the third person.  It would be best to know if you need the triple by the February 2008 Deposit Date. Travel Zone will accept name changes until June 11, 2008, after this date any name changes will result in a fee of $75 per change.