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SNEC PM Conference 2010 - Keynote Sessions


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Dr. Alan Zimmerman

STAYING UP IN A DOWN WORLD: How To Be A Positive Project Manager Who Builds A Positive Work Environment

Opening Keynote Abstract:
With never-ending changes, with flattened organizations, with fewer employees to do the work, with loyalty a thing of the past, negative comments can be a natural byproduct. Comments such as, “It won’t work…We already tried that…and…I can’t do it” become all too familiar.

Unfortunately, negativity will defeat you faster than the competition. Negativity is extremely contagious and results in an environment where people don’t try as hard, don’t care as much, and don’t succeed as often.

With the world of work so very challenging these days, you must know how to keep yourself from being brought down by all the challenges, how to keep on being a positive project manager, and how to build a work environment that is alive, exciting, and positive. That’s what this program is all about.


 Opening Keynote Speaker Biography:
At the age of 7, Dr. Alan Zimmerman was selling greeting cards door-to-door. By age 14, he owned a small international import business. By age 21, he was teaching at the University of Minnesota, and during the next 15 years, he was selected as the “Outstanding Faculty Member” by two different universities.

At age 36, our speaker retired from teaching and opened his own speaking and training company. That position has allowed him to deliver more than 2000 programs, to more than a million people, in 48 states and 22 countries. Of course, you may already be familiar with Dr. Zimmerman. You may have seen him on CNN or on the CBS Morning Show. In fact, his newest book called, “PIVOT: How One Turn In Attitude Can Lead To Success” has been featured on over 200 TV and radio shows across the country.

Today, you can expect a powerful, practical program that really works. That’s why our speaker has been inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame, an honor that has only been given to a few people in the last 30 years – including Ronald Reagan, Colin Powell, Norman Vincent Peale, and Zig Ziglar.

On the personal side, our speaker is married, has 4 adult children and 5 grandsons. He loves to hike, bike, and travel to exotic parts of the world. For more information, you can visit: www.DrZimmerman.com

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Michael J. Hughes

Networking for Results: The Power of Personal Contact

After Lunch Keynote Abstract:
This highly interactive session addresses the most common networking myths, explores secret network principles and supplies success strategies for creating and leveraging a network of relationships that guarantee long term business success.

Here’s what you’ll learn by investing in this session:

  • 6 hidden networking trigger points & how to immediately leverage each.
  • 5 little-known networking payoff areas that multiply your results without extra effort.
  • 3 proven strategies to maximize your impact and build trust during an initial contact


 After Lunch Keynote Speaker Biography:
Michael Hughes is known as THE Networking Guru. He has spent almost 40 years in the business world, including the last eighteen as a successful entrepreneur, business coach, trainer, professional speaker and author.

He has done extensive research on, and is a specialist in, utilizing networking as a business strategy and is considered to be one of the foremost authorities on this topic.

One of the most unique properties of Michael’s business success is that he has taken his company from an idea to a six-figure consulting practice annually using networking as his sole marketing vehicle.

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Amy Barzach

The Power and the Passion of Project Management Can Literally Change The World

Closing Keynote Abstract:
A national movement that’s making a difference in thousands of children’s lives started with one inspirational project that was well executed. Its ‘chief project manager’ will take you behind the scenes. You’ll walk away inspired, empowered and remembering why you love project management.


 Closing Keynote Speaker Biography:
Amy Jaffe Barzach is an award-winning social entrepreneur, sought after coach and passionate advocate for inclusion. Inspired by her son Jonathan, who died before his first birthday and a girl in a wheelchair she’d seen sadly watching everyone else play on a playground that wasn’t accessible, Amy used what turned out to be project management best practices to create one of the country’s biggest community-build projects. With an army of more than 1,000 volunteers, Jonathan’s Dream, an inclusive playground where everyone could play together was developed. Amy then led a passionate team of parents and professionals to create a nonprofit dedicated to inclusive playgrounds. Today she is president of Powerful Inspiration and chairs a national coalition of organizations dedicated to this cause. Because of Amy and all of the people she’s inspired; more than 135 inclusive playgrounds in 25 states have been built in American, in Canada and beyond.

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