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SNEC PM Conference 2012 - Program Abstracts & Speaker Bios

2012 PM Conference - Presentation Abstracts and Speaker Biographies

Presentation Abstracts and Speaker Bios - Arranged by Track:

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Soft Skills PM Tools PM Best Practices Methodologies


Presentation Abstracts and Speaker Bios - Arranged by Session/Time:

Opening Keynote - Ballroom A/B

Agile, Lean, PMBOK and Business Value of Joy - Richard Sheridan

8:15am - 9:15am


Session A

9:30am - 10:30am


 Topic:Applying Lessons Learned through Retrospective Sessions Track: PM Best Practices
Presenter:Jeffrey Hanson, PMP Room: 11-12 9:30am - 10:30am

Session Abstract
At the end of most projects, the team documents lessons learned for posterity. Unfortunately, those valuable nuggets of information rarely see the light of day after project closure is complete. This session will discuss an alternative method of applying lessons learned through periodic Retrospective Sessions. We will discuss when and how to conduct them, how to identify and analyze the lessons learned, and how to immediately apply them.

About Jeffrey Hanson, PMP:
With over 20 years experience in IT, 10 in the Project Management discipline, Jeffrey Hanson, PMP is a hands-on, real-world experienced Project Manager who is here to share his passion and experience to help you achieve future success.



 Topic: The VALUE of Earned Value Track: PM Tools
Presenter: Lee Lambert, PMP Room: 14-15 9:30am - 10:30am

Session Abstract
This presentation will share the secret password to productive use of the Earned Value project metric: Common Sense! At the end you come away with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of EVMS and how they can be applied in a Common Sense way to add substantial value to the efforts of effectively managing today's challenging projects.

About Lee Lambert, PMP:
Lee Lambert, PMI Fellow has established the standard against which educators and practitioners in the field of Project Management are measured. Lee had authored two books and more than 30 whitepapers and was a member of the team who created PMI's PMP Certification Program .



 Topic: The Goldilocks Style of Leadership: Getting Leadership "Just Right" as a Project Manager Track: Soft Skills
Presenter: Skip Weisman Room: 21-22 9:30am - 10:30am

Session Abstract
This interactive and participatory session will offer insight into three leadership styles and the type of work environment each creates. You will gain understanding of the traits and characteristics of two of those styles that create negative, toxic, non-productive environments. You will walk away with an understanding of a third style and a strategy to adapt your leadership style to create a highly engaged, highly motivated work environment.

About Skip Weisman:
Skip Weisman, The Leadership & Workplace Communication Expert, spent 20-years creating high-performing, high morale work environments for the front offices of professional baseball teams. Since 2001, Skip has been working with businesses and non-profit organizations of all sizes and industries creating and motivating high-performance teams. He is currently host of LinkedIn's Workplace Communication Strategies Group and owner of Weisman Success Resources, Inc.



 Topic: Corporate Lattice - The Changing World of Work Track: Project Methodologies / Frameworks
Presenter: Carin Salonia, PMP Room: 24-25 9:30am - 10:30am

Session Abstract
As the economic and global stage of business continues to evolve, so does the career tracks within it so you must adjust your course to navigate successfully. In this session, you will be introduced to the Career Lattice (not Ladder), exploring the three core concepts: how careers are built, how work gets done, and how you must control your next move, tailored specifically for Project Mangers.

About Carin Salonia, PMP:
Carin Salonia, PMP, is Assistant Vice President of Internal Audit Advisory Services at The Hartford Financial Services Group and currently holds the position of COO and VP of the SNEC Board of Directors. Carin has several years of increasing leadership responsibility for program and project management across healthcare, IT finance, and business.



Session B

10:45am - 11:45am


 Topic: Preventing Projects that Are Destined to Fail Track: PM Best Practices
Presenters: Robin F. Goldsmith, JD Room: 11-12 10:45am - 11:45am

Session Abstract
Project managers too often are blamed for failure of projects that, in fact, were destined to fail from their start. In this interactive presentation, Robin Goldsmith shows why project initiation imposes impossible budgets/schedules and how to use powerful analysis tools to define projects that can, and do, provide needed value on time and in budget.

About Robin F. Goldsmith, JD:
Robin F. Goldsmith, JD, President of Go Pro Management, Inc. consultancy since 1982, works directly with and trains business/systems professionals in requirements, quality and testing, software acquisition, ROI, project management, leadership, metrics, and process improvement. He is author of Discovering REAL Business Requirements for Software Project Success.



 Topic: Project Communications - Creating an Effective Plan Track: PM Tools
Presenter: Charles Jones, PMP Room: 14-15 10:45am - 11:45am

Session Abstract
Effective communication is arguably the most important job for the Project manager. Creating an effective project communication plan early in the planning cycle establishes the foundation that can be leveraged throughout the project. This presentation will provide a methodology and some tools to help accomplish this early in a project.

About Charles Jones, PMP:
Charles Jones is the Strategy and Risk Manager for UIL Holdings. He has over 25 years of experience in the IT and project management fields in a variety of business environments. At UIL, he helped develop and implement the company’s project management capability improvements initiative, led PM training & mentoring, and manages ERM and Strategy development at all levels of the organization. Charles is a certified PM trainer and teaches a variety of project management classes.



 Topic: Teams on Fire! Track: Soft Skills
Presenter: Heather Hansen O'Neill Room: 21-22 10:45am - 11:45am

Session Abstract
Teams on Fire! is a program that helps project managers improve their relationships and create more constructive, encouraging, and powerful teams. If you have ever

  • experienced the frustration of managing different and conflicting personality types
  • felt pressure to hit a timeline that felt unrealistic
  • wanted everyone passionate about working together toward a common goal
  • suffered stress from miscommunication
  • desired to have the most focused, creative, and resourceful team

Then the strategies presented in Teams on Fire! will help.

About Heather Hansen O'Neill:
Heather Hansen O'Neill is an award winning speaker, author, and coach presenting to organizations and corporations on relationships, productivity, and joyful living. In addition to being a certified DiSC facilitator, certified corporate coach, and creator of numerous products and programs, Heather walks her talk everyday by living a life she loves. She runs a successful business transforming lives and companies while making plenty of quality time raising her three high-energy boys.



 Topic: Improving Project Success: Customer Experience Matters Track: Project Methodologies / Frameworks
Presenter: Jill Hart and Dan Antion Room: 24-25 10:45am - 11:45am

Session Abstract
Considering the user experience as you revise or roll out technology solutions, new processes or products can make a big difference in the degree of acceptance of the solution. During this session, you'll find ways to achieve technology and product rhythm with your target customers through the integration of activities utilizing a user centered design process.

About Jill Hart:
In 2010, Jill Hart launched Brain Logic, LLC. Her company's mission is to help clients understand how their customer's think and then apply those customer insights to product, technology and process designs to deliver optimal 'customer experiences' for their target audience within a project management framework. She is currently a User Experience Designer/PM at Landmark College in Putney, VT - a college recognized globally for success in their work with students with learning disabilities and ADHD.

About Dan Antion:
Daniel Antion is Vice President, Information Services at American Nuclear Insurers. He is responsible for the overall planning and implementation of technology and communication services for ANI and is part of a team addressing Enterprise Content Management. Dan is also responsible for technical and ECM training.



Session C

1:15pm - 2:15pm


 Topic: It's Time to Step It Up and Reenergize: Taking your PMO Best Practices to the Next Level Track: PM Best Practices
Presenter: Maryann Burns Room: 11-12 1:15pm - 2:15pm

Session Abstract
This presentation is geared towards professionals who lead project management best practices or center of excellence efforts. Through the telling of her story, Maryann will share the steps, challenges and considerations of building a PM best practices discipline in an organization. This session will give you practical solutions to: building and gaining consensus on what are the best practices; rolling out the best practices in a complex project execution environment, and incorporating organizational change management efforts into a best practices implementation.

About Maryann Burns:
Maryann is currently leading a best practices team and initiative in the Personal Insurance IT PMO at Travelers. Maryann has held various positions at Travelers that include project, program and portfolio management. Prior to her current position, Maryann led a rollout of a portfolio management initiative and launched a consultative PMO. Maryann obtained her Advanced Master's Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University in 2007 and has presented for the last three years at the ProjectWorld & World Congress for Business Analysts Annual PMO Forum.



 Topic: Delivering Business Value on Business Process Management Projects Track: PM Tools
Presenter: Phebe Arouni, PMP Room: 14-15 1:15pm - 2:15pm

Session Abstract
In this presentation you will receive real-life insight into how Business Process Management (BPM) provides business value. BPM transforms how organizations operate and provide unprecedented opportunities for efficiencies. Phebe will discuss how BPM fosters a culture in which business is conducted electronically with collaborative teams while reducing the reliance on individual strongholds of knowledge. This session will provide useful information to project managers at all levels to help understand how BPM is best able to provide business value to your organization and project teams.

About Phebe Arouni, PMP:
Phebe Arouni has an MBA and is a certified PMP with more than 20 years' experience managing business projects. Phebe started her career with General Electric and graduated from GE's Information Management Leadership Program. Phebe is Black Belt trained and Green Belt certified in Six Sigma Methodology. Her project management experience includes Kaizen Lean Six Sigma events along with use of Social Media for streamlined and rapid project execution. At Partner Reinsurance, Phebe manages the E-Business program which delivers process efficiencies with forward thinking, process and technology.



 Topic: The Manhattan Project: Lessons in Leadership Track: Soft Skills
Presenter: Dr. John Byrne, PMP Room: 21-22 1:15pm - 2:15pm

Session Abstract
The Manhattan project was arguably one of the most influential projects of the 20th century. Its creation, the atomic bomb, has reshaped world in many ways. This project would not have been possible if it were not for its leaders! This presentation explains leadership, from both a theoretical and practical aspect, as illustrated by the leaders of the Manhattan project. Modern leadership theories to be discussed include: transactional, transformational, Path-Goal, emotional intelligence, Fiedler's least preferred coworker and situational leadership.

About Dr. John Byrne, PMP:
Dr. John Byrne, PMP is a Professor at DeVry University and Senior Faculty member at the Keller Graduate School of Management. Dr. Byrne is a consultant to industry on Project Management and has been a practitioner of project management for over 20 years. Dr. Byrne's book "Manhattan: Lessons in Leadership, Motivation, and Power" will be out early next year. His previous book "Polaris: Lessons in Risk Management" explores risk management through the eyes of the U.S. Navy's Polaris project. Dr. Byrne is a passionate advocate of project management and has spoken at Leadership Sessions at PMI's Global Congress and numerous PMI local chapter sessions.



 Topic: An Iterative Approach to Organizational Project Management Improvement Track: Project Methodologies / Frameworks
Presenter: Darwyn Azzinaro, PMP Room: 24-25 1:15pm - 2:15pm

Session Abstract
This presentation will discuss a manageable assessment approach that will provide a right-sized plan to improve your project, program and portfolio management processes. By examining an iterative approach with a simplified assessment model, based on the Project Management Institute's Organizational Project Management Maturity Model, you will recognize the benefits of improved project management practices, without the large effort needed for a traditional project management maturity assessment initiative.

About Darwyn Azzinaro, PMP :
Darwyn is a Principal Consultant and Partner at PM Evolution with over 20 years of diverse professional experience in IT Business Process Redesign, Project Management Office development and PM curriculum development and instruction. Before joining PM Evolution, Darwyn was a Senior Project Management Consultant with a leading business and technology consulting firm in the Hartford area. Darwyn has been a Board member of SNECPMI since 2002, and served as the organization's President from June 2008 until June 2010.



Session D

2:30pm - 3:30pm


 Topic: Integrated Procurement Management Overview Track: PM Best Practices
Presenter: James Hill, PMP Room: 11-12 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Session Abstract
This Integrated Procurement Management overview will provide insights in addressing if, when, and how to best draw on one or more suppliers in strategic areas of your project as a tool to help you manage project cost, schedule, scope, quality, and/or risk. This conference track will touch on tools and techniques of Make–or-Buy analysis, Statement of Work and scope development for suppliers, qualitative considerations and quantitative methods for supplier selection, and applying Earned Value Management aspects of supplier management.

About James Hill, PMP:
James Hill, PMP is an engaging speaker with over 25 years of Program Management and Development Engineering hands on experience in Fortune 500 companies and the DoD as well being a trainer for both SNEC-PMI and SAIC University. Leveraging his hands-on, real-world experience, James is known for his lively and engaging delivery of instructor-led training, and has received numerous accolades from students and university staff for making course materials memorable and useable.



 Topic: Busting Barriers to Implementing Risk Management! Track: PM Tools
Presenter: Susan Parente, PMP Room: 14-15 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Session Abstract
As project managers, we have all heard of risk management, but how much of it are we actually doing? If we know what risk management is and why it is valuable, why are we not doing more of it? This interactive session will address the hurdles to implementing risk management and provide you with tools and techniques to bust these barriers to implementing risk management in your organizations and on your projects.

About Susan Parente PMP:
Susan Parente, PMP, PMI-RMP is a Principle Consultant and owner of S3 Technologies, LLC and an Adjunct Professor at Post University. Susan is an accomplished project manager and engineer. Her company's focuses on revitalizing projects through the use of risk management. S3 Technologies does this through teamwork with clients and other stakeholders, using risk management to deliver project success! Susan has trained and mentored project managers in the area of risk management and has developed and used this methodology to implement risk management programs in a number of organizations.



 Topic: The Myth of Teamwork: Why Project Managers Must Engage the "I" in TEAM for Success Track: PM Best Practices
Presenter: Skip Weisman Room: 21-22 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Session Abstract
We've all heard that there is no "I" in "Team" and frankly that's the problem! Until organizational leaders recognize that teamwork is an individual sport, they will continue to struggle to build high-performing teams. It's counter-intuitive to believe that focusing on teamwork is detrimental to creating a high-performance team, but you will leave this program with a new definition for teamwork in the 21st Century, and believing it is absolutely true. This highly interactive program will leave you with the tools needed to create high-performance teams at every level of your organization.

About Skip Weisman:
Skip Weisman, The Leadership & Workplace Communication Expert, spent 20-years creating high-performing, high morale work environments for the front offices of professional baseball teams. Since 2001, Skip has been working with businesses and non-profit organizations of all sizes and industries creating and motivating high-performance teams. He is currently host of LinkedIn's Workplace Communication Strategies Group and owner of Weisman Success Resources, Inc.



 Topic: Products Not Projects: Delivering Value with Product Roadmaps Track: Project Methodologies / Frameworks
Presenter: Ellen Gottesdiener Room: 24-25 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Session Abstract
If you are managing your portfolio using projects, and not products, you may be missing opportunities to deliver business value in your organizations. Product and portfolio roadmaps articulate how your products will achieve their vision, uncover technology roadmap requirements, communicate to internal and external customers, and provide a sound foundation for planning. Learn how roadmaps can help you deliver the right products, address customer needs, and make tough choices that will deliver strategic value.

About Ellen Gottesdiener:
Ellen Gottesdiener is Founder and Principal with EBG Consulting, helping teams deliver high value products your customers want and need. Ellen is an internationally recognized facilitator, coach, trainer, speaker, author and expert in agile product management practices, product envisioning and roadmapping, business analysis and requirements, retrospectives and collaboration. Ellen works with global clients and speaks at numerous industry conferences and her company, EBG Consulting, are globally recognized leaders in effective product requirements practices.



Closing Keynote - Ballroom A/B

Using Today's Technology to Share Knowledge and Deliver BIG Value - Gina Schreck

3:45pm - 4:45pm


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