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vote button 225As a member organization with a working Board of Directors, SNEC-PMI relies on Members to become Chapter leaders, to volunteer to support the various portfolios, and to have a voice in shaping the direction of the organization.

To ensure that our SNEC-PMI Chapter maintains strong leadership we hold annual elections for the Board of Directors during the Summer so that the new Directors can train with current leaders in the 4th Quarter and can contribute to planning for the coming year.  The election process begins June 1 with a call for candidates.

Following established election guidelines and processes outlined by PMI global we are required to have an official Board of Directors. We take our commitment to leadership excellence seriously.

The Election Process

The SNEC-PMI board must implement a nominations committee annually. This committee is responsible for publicizing Board of Directors responsibilities, initiate a call for candidates for anyone interested in serving the Chapter in a leadership role, check nominees’ credentials and experience, and implement the timeline of the election process to maintain the highest integrity of the process. Once elected, the Board of Directors will self-assess their performance and report to the Chapter and our governing body, PMI, how well the Board is meeting its obligations to the organization and the membership.

Volunteer Leaders Responsibilities

SNEC leaders have unique responsibilities which foster effective governance, set expectations, assign accountability, and reduce liability exposure. To maintain integrity and comply with legal standards, chapter leaders adopt the following standards.

  1. Chapter leaders have four key duties that they must uphold:
  • Duty of care: exercise the same level of care over the organization’s business as any reasonable person would over his or her personal business.
  • Duty of loyalty: act in an independent manner and avoid conflicts of interest
  • Duty of good faith: comply with and uphold all requirements, policies, procedures, rules, and orders approved by the organization’s governing body
  • Duty of integrity: act in an ethical manner and conduct business in accordance with accepted business practices.
  1. Chapter leaders must familiarize themselves with the organization’s mission and purposes to ensure effective planning.
  2. Chapter leaders must promote elections, develop new board members, and monitor their performance.

We achieve and uphold these responsibilities through:

  • continuous learning
  • monthly Board meetings
  • reviewing and approving our financial statements
  • discussing membership interests, satisfaction, and trends
  • offering diverse programs and educational events in locations across our region, virtually, and on topics that are relevant and valued to our members

Beyond the scope of the Chapter we also:

  • engage in monthly regional chapter calls with leaders of other PMI Chapters
  • seek opportunities to collaborate with Chapters in our region
  • attend annual region and global PMI meetings

The full election process overview, timeline and statement of interest document can be found by clicking here.

I encourage you, at this time, to become more involved, learn about our Chapter and become an active Volunteer leader. If a titled leadership role is not the next step in your career development, consider volunteering for one of the Chapter’s portfolios – Professional Development, Education, Special Events, Membership, Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Volunteers.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities click here and then go to the Volunteer Relationship Management System or VRMS portal to apply for a specific opening. You can also find the VRMS link in the upper righthand menu bar when you are Logged-in on the SNEC Website.

If you have any questions about the Board elections, please reach out to the Nominating Committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you have questions about volunteering to support a Chapter portfolio, please contact the Volunteer Committee.

Neil Weiss, PMP
President & CEO
Southern New England Chapter of PMI (SNEC-PMI)

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