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election buttonSNEC-PMI chapter members, recognize and appreciate that it is our active, hardworking, capable volunteer leaders who make a difference in our community, our region, and beyond through their participation.  YOU have the opportunity to be one of those leaders, and, as Project Management professional and chapter members, YOU have the skills and abilities to carry forward and improve upon the accomplishments of board predecessors by serving as a member of the SNEC-PMI Chapter Board of Directors.  

Terms of office are two years, beginning on January 1st.  In the interest of continuity, Board terms are staggered so that at least two board members remain seated the following year to acclimate those newly elected.  

The election timeline, between the announcement of election results and the start of term, is designed to provide incoming Board Members an adequate transition period to collaborate with existing board members and experience, as well as contribute to, the strategic planning and budgeting process.  This approach fosters greater opportunity for outgoing directors to mentor and support new directors in their new role. 

In addition to gaining PDU's for your service with the Board, the time and effort you contribute as a Director will benefit you personally and professionally by exposing you to new experiences that will broaden your business management capabilities and benefit you throughout your career.    


If you are interested in running for office, you must be a member in good standing of both PMI and the SNEC-PMI chapter (refer to Chapter Bylaws   pdf (191 KB) Article V). Please Note: You must first be logged in to web site as a member in order to download Bylaws.

Submit a Statement of Interest

Obtain and complete a Statement of Interest Form.

You can self-nominate using the Statement of Interest Form or nominate another member of the chapter in good standing. Often Candidates have served in the past as an SNEC-PMI Association volunteers as a lead or members of one of our operational committees and once elected serve on the Board with distinction.

Please make sure the member you nominate is willing and able to serve before nominating.  Requirements and duties the Board of Director positions are available at the following link: Job Descriptions.

Candidate submissions will be accepted through June 30th. Ballots will be distributed on or about August 15th and the polls will remain open until September 9th.

Questions or Comments? Please contact the Nominating Committee via email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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